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About Me 

Rebecca E. Tripp

I’m a passionate, redheaded Aries who tries to create beauty wherever she can. I’m an artist, a musician and writer, as well as an infamous cat-petter and crow-feeder.

I live in a small, forested town in British Columbia with many human, plant and animal associates. When I’m not drawing or painting, I spend most of my time outside in the trees, playing and composing music or writing stories. Additionally, I play RPGs every day. There is also a lot of time that is spent socializing with various hippies and gamers. And of course, about ten percent of my day is spent making tea. I’m quite a connoisseur of tea.

My inspiration comes from two main sources: Nature and video games. These two subjects may appear to most people to have little or nothing in common, but it is a fact that, like all art forms, video games are inspired by the world and culture surrounding their creators. I’ve always been particularly fond of the fantasy genre in video games (especially in RPGs) and I think this is partially because the pretend worlds often contain wilderness and nature. I feel that this is (perhaps unintentionally) one of the many ways in which art bridges the gap between humanity and nature. This being said, I will admit that I am a hardcore tree-hugger as well as a hardcore gamer.

If you were to spend any time with me, you would probably find me to be a pacifist. Kee Enraged Over Seagull DisregardHowever, it is very easy to enrage me if you say something unflattering about seagulls. They happen to be my favorite animal for several reasons. If you were to enter my house, you would go home remembering rainbow colored fabrics, hundreds of plants, a three-foot long, twenty-pound cat and twelve of the best cups of tea you’ve ever tasted in your life. You would also have video game music stuck in your head and leaves and petals in your pockets.

I would probably like you if I met you.

Kee Throwing FlowersMy ambition is to share my joy with the rest of the world through my art, literature and music. Other than that, I would like to spend a day as a flock of brightly-colored birds, and I would also like to take a camel with me to the seaside. I’ll update this page as soon as I’ve have the pleasure of experiencing one of those two things.

-Rebecca E. Tripp (Kee)


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