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Welcome to my blog page! Here is your tea! In this blog, I'll write about everything from Final Fantasy, to my day in the forest, to my latest projects, to my friends' favorite kinds of tea. You can view the feed from my tumblr , or you can click on any of the links to my wordpress below it.

February, 2014:

February 23, 2014: My Music and the World.

July, 2013:

July 22, 2013: My Music and the World.

July 22, 2013: Final Fantasy Battle Medley.

Moment of Clarity.

July 7, 2013: Seagulls Are So Adorable.

June, 2013:

June 30, 2013: Crazy Cat Women.

I'm Back Online and Starting a Blog.


Flower Waltzes (Nature)

Flower Waltzes


Final Fantasy Inspired

The Strange Journey


The Zodiac


Spirit Passage

The Seasons

The Secret Shrine


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